Module 4: Rethinking Data: Closing the Gap Between Analysis and Action

February 6-7, 2020

You’ve probably been asked to be more “data driven.” But where do you start? Having more data doesn’t necessarily make you a better decision-maker. In fact, excess data may be slowing you down. You don’t need more data; you need the right data.

Data-driven organizations focus on numbers. Decision-driven organizations are able to quickly transform data into actions that drive results. This workshop provides an overview of how to close the gap between analysis and action.


Brad Kolar

Brad Kolar

Brad Kolar is an executive consultant, speaker, and author. Over the last 20 years, his vision has remained the same – to help leaders bring clarity, simplicity, and resolution to complex issues. He is dedicated to helping clients succeed. Challenging clients to rethink how they work, Brad brings a well-honed ability to clarify the problem constraining your success, and identify and change the assumptions that are holding you back. 

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