Garland Dahlke


Dr. Garland Dahlke completed his undergraduate degree in Animal Science and Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin–River Falls followed by a Master’s degree in Animal Production and a Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition, both from Iowa State University. After completing his Ph.D., Dahlke returned to his home in central Wisconsin to take care of the family dairy farm until a number of unexpected events moved him off the farm and into the livestock feed industry. After nearly three years of sales and providing in-house nutrition consulting for the employing mills, Dahlke left central Wisconsin to take his current position with Iowa Beef Center. 

Dr. Dahlke spends much of his time developing feedlot management software and nutrition software such as BRaNDS, providing program support, troubleshooting production related issues for beef producers around the state, and has a joint appointment on the Beef Reproduction Task Force in the development and maintenance of the beef estrus synchronization software.

Dr. Garland Dahlke
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